{Dublin// The Beginning of our 5-Week Adventure}

Adam and I snagged a great deal on air tickets through Hipmunk from Fort Lauderdale to Dublin and started our European adventure there. We arrived at 8am local time, which was 3am our time, and in an effort to fight jetlag, started our day right away. Our first stop was lunch at a really cool pub called Arthur’s, which we found through a bartender who was kind enough to help two very tired and hungry Americans find a good place to eat. The place got its name from Arthur Guinness, the father of the Guinness brewery whose drinks are a staple in Dublin. Despite it being summer, it was a bit chilly out, so we sat in the back next to the fire, which was something that us Floridians were definitely not used to. I had fish and chips and Adam had Irish stew. The pub was a nice place to relax, eat and drink.
Our post lunch activities included walking, exploring and wandering. We saw castles, churches, the famous Temple Bar, Trinity College and so much more. We also learned about Dublin’s Viking history (bet you never thought Vikings and Dublin went together!). Dublin is a beautiful city with vibrant colors, beautiful waterways and very friendly people and we both loved being there.


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