{A Hike in Howth}

On our last afternoon in Ireland, Adam and I took an easy train ride to a small fisherman’s village called Howth (pronounced hoe-th). There we hiked around part of the peninsula. It was much colder and windier than in Dublin because of our proximity to the water and we were glad to have brought our jackets. The sights were breathtaking- green grass, yellow flowers, rolling hills, crashing waves, the endless sea and even some horses (!). After a couple of hours, our feet were killing us and we knew it was time to go back to Dublin for some dinner and sleep. Back in Dublin we stumbled upon a Victorian house that had been converted into a restaurant called The Oval Bar. This restaurant was amazing and definitely a must-visit. The atmosphere was homey and relaxing and the service was great, but the food was the best part. I had roasted chicken, potatoes and vegetables with gravy and Adam had sea bass with rice and a local craft beer. Dinner at The Oval was the perfect way to end our time in Ireland and we were definitely sad to leave.


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