{Beach and City of Arts and Sciences: Valencia}

Our second day in Valencia greeted us with gorgeous weather and we decided to walk through the Jardin de Suria, a scenic park full of paths, greenery, sculptures, bridges, fountains and orange trees. At the end of the park, we reached the City of Arts and Sciences. It was very hard to miss as all of a sudden we were facing a building that looked like it fell from space. This area was very cool; each building was more futuristic than the next and the bright white color of the structures contrasting with the blue Valencian sky made me feel like I had traveled forward in time. The museums were too expensive for us to go in, but the architecture alone is worth the visit.
We walked through the City of Arts and Sciences towards the port (stopping to take pictures by the abandoned F1 race track) and made our final stop at the beach. The water was too cold for me to swim, but the ocean and surrounding skyline made it the perfect spot to relax (and write). We sat around, enjoying the cloudless sky and warm ocean breeze before heading back for some dinner and a well-deserved shower. In total, we walked over 8 miles that day and were certainly feeling it when we got back to our hotel!


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