{Barcelona Highlights}

Adam and I had one full day in Barcelona and we made sure to see as much of it as we possibly could! We started at La Boqueria market, which was very nice and busy, but we both agreed that we preferred the market in Valencia because we felt that it was less touristy. After perusing the market and enjoying the sites, smells and atmosphere, Adam and I walked up La Rambla to the Placa de Catalunya where Adam was interviewed by some school kids on two different occasions (for basically being a tourist). We then walked to the Arc de Triomf (yes, there is one in Barcelona!) and down the promenade that leads to La Cuitadella Park. The park was my favorite part of Barcelona and is absolutely worth visiting. I loved the greenery, beautiful fountain and relaxing environment. From the park, we walked down to the beach to sit and enjoy the ocean air. When we were ready, we took a (very) long walk to La Sagrada Familia, probably the most famous of the Barcelonan sites. The structure was beautiful, with incredible intricacies and design – don’t miss it!
It was around this time that I started to get extremely hungry. We started to search for food, but nothing looked appetizing or like something that I could eat (note to all non-meat eaters out there: I had a incredibly hard time finding foods that did not contain ham or red meat in Spain). We decided to take the metro back to where we were staying and found an Indian fusion restaurant where we split Sangria and ate a big dinner. Afterwards, we went to our favorite bakery Granier (that we had found in Valencia) and got fartones for dessert.
Overall, Barcelona was not my favorite city in Spain. I wanted to love it, but I just enjoyed Madrid and Valencia so much more, but at least the pictures are really pretty!


6 thoughts on “{Barcelona Highlights}

  1. I went to Barcelona a few years ago, and to be honest can hardly wait to be back. It’s such an amazing city. Not many cities out-there will have beach, rich history, amazing bars, markets and even mountains like Barcelona has.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I just returned from Barcelona about a week ago. I ate so much at La Boqueria, but my favorite market was Mercat de Sant Antoni because it was less crowded and we scored some great Catalan goat cheese!

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