{Hiking in Southeastern France}

I love the outdoors and absolutely love to hike. As someone who has spent most of her life in South Florida (notoriously flat landscape!), I haven’t been able to hike as much as I would like, so whenever I am in a place with mountains, I always try to take advantage. Annecy provided us with a gorgeous hike in a nature reserve called Roc de Chère. The hike itself was relatively easy and the views were magnificent. The reserve was impeccably well kept and very popular among the French. We brought lunch with us and picnicked on a bed of rocks overlooking the lake and surrounding mountains.
Getting to Roc de Chère can be a little bit confusing if you are not prepared with proper instructions (Take it from me!): From Annecy center, you must take a bus from the main station towards Talloires. You will know you have arrived at the stop when you see a sign on your right saying “Beinvenue a Talliores” and on your left will be a tiny wooden hut that is the bus stop. Once you have gotten off the bus, you must take the small side street to the right of the sign (and will pass a residential area) and eventually reach a sign by the main road pointing right towards the golf courses. Follow the sign and go right. You will know you have arrived to the entrance of the trail because you will see people playing golf on your right. The entrance to the trail will be on your left and marked with a big sign. (I have included pictures on the bottom of this post of both the sign for the bus stop and sign for the entrance to the trail for additional help). We did the green hike and followed the arrows to “Bellvedere”. Our hike began and ended in the same spot and we took the bus back to Annecy from the same place we had gotten off; except this time the bus picked us up from the wooden hut across the street (the bus was a bit late and the hut was not in the best shape, so don’t be alarmed). While it seems confusing while reading, if you follow these instructions, you shouldn’t have any problems finding the entrance to the hike.


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