{Wandering the Streets of Venice}

Our time in Venice ended with very mixed opinions. I liked Venice- I thought that the canals, streets, and buildings were really beautiful. Adam felt that Venice was very touristy (which I don’t disagree) and far too crowded for his liking (again, I don’t disagree). Regardless, Venice is certainly a special city and unlike any other city I have ever been to before.

We started our day in Venice off with lunch al fresco next to a canal off the main street. This particular area was free from tourists and we could really sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. To eat, we shared a small salad and seafood gnocchi. The gnocchi was amazing and so different to what we get in America (read: better!). After lunch we headed back to the main street of Venice in an attempt to explore the city. The streets were absolutely crowded and at times, it felt a bit suffocating, but every so often we would find a quiet street with no people and only colorful buildings and even more colorful boats just for us to enjoy. We walked along the canals watching gondolas go by, saw the beautiful Venetian masks in shop windows and of course, got gelato. We ended our day with a glass of wine and a plate of risotto (a Venetian specialty) on a quiet side street, hidden away by old buildings and houses.


3 thoughts on “{Wandering the Streets of Venice}

  1. Venice looks way colorful during the summer. Next time we’ll go in the summer and I will order Risotto. Have you tried the risotto with blank ink from the squid? I haven’t tried it, but they say it’s really good. 😉

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