{A Perfect Florentine Day// Florence}

Florence is full of life, art and beauty. Our first taste of this was the city’s Duomo. The structure towers over the surrounding buildings and awe-struck tourists. It is impossible to miss and incredibly gorgeous. We walked through the Piazzale Vecchio (and its outdoor gallery, including the fake Statue of David) and continued through squares and streets filled with pedestrians, artists and incredible buildings until we reached the river and its beautiful views of Tuscany.
We had lunch outside on a small side street. Adam had a seafood pasta dish and I had pasta arrabiata. We both practically licked the plate clean (Italians do know their pasta!). Italy in the summer is very hot but we decided to brave the heat and head to the Boboli Gardens, an area behind the Pitti Palace once owned by the famous Medici family. The area boasts gardens, sculptures and great views of the city. When it became too hot to handle, we got some gelato to cool down (stracciatella is still my favorite!) and began to walk back to the Duomo. One of the amazing things about traveling is that you will always happen upon something that you didn’t expect…in Florence, this was an Independence Day celebration (which of course we partook in!) full of costumed performers dancing and playing instruments.
While the entire day in Florence was absolutely magical, the highlight had to be our sunset picnic of pizza and wine on the Piazzale Michelangelo. The square boasts unbelievable panoramic views of the entire city. The pinks, purples and yellows over the Florentine skyline were magnificent and a perfect way to end our time in one of the most beautiful cities.


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