{The David, Pisa and Dinner on the Italian Riviera}

After seeing The David today, I understand why it is such a world-renowned masterpiece. Michaelangeo’s ability to carve veins on David’s hands and curls in his hair is unbelievable and the sheer size of the statue is, well, ridiculous. Adam and I bought tickets to the museum before we left for Europe and (once again) we were glad that we did, as the line to get in without a pre-paid ticket was almost 3 hours long! Book ahead, go right in, enjoy the David for as long as you like (the rest of the museum is a bit of a letdown), and leave happy knowing that you didn’t waste your whole day standing outside the museum! Oh, and like many museums, pictures of The David are not allowed… I just couldn’t help myself! (See below)
Next up on our list of Italian tourist spots was Pisa, and boy is Pisa a tourist spot! Adam and I both were a bit disappointed with the whole Pisa experience (Adam equated it to stopping on the side of a highway to see the world’s biggest ball of yarn), but regardless, we had to see it and now we never have to go back.
We ended our day on the Italian Riviera in a town called Levanto where we enjoyed a delicious dinner of pesto pasta in a small restaurant full of locals. The Italian Riviera is the birthplace of pesto, and boy can you tell! The pesto was so flavorful and delicious and not like anything that we buy at the supermarkets back home. We finished our night with a walk along the beach during sunset.


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