{Pompeii// A Historical Masterpiece}

Pompeii is amazing, fascinating, incredibly well preserved and definitely a highlight of our entire trip thus far. As usual, we listened to Rick Steve’s audio tour to explore the sights and learn about the history and uses of different places. The Pompeiians were an advanced people with fast food restaurants, special sidewalks so pedestrians didn’t have to get their feet wet from water run-off, food markets, brick ovens, bath houses, and pedestrian only streets. Obviously the brothel is a favorite spot amongst tourists and Adam and I got our share of laughs seeing the concrete beds and the pornographic frescos on the wall. We also enjoyed visiting the amphitheater. The best part- the amphitheater was designed in such a way that a person standing on the center point of the stage can be heard even at the top of the stands without having to shout. I sang a (not so) lovely rendition of the US national anthem to test it out.
Once we had exhausted ourselves walking up and down the city of Pompeii in the hot sun, we decided to take the train to a coastal town called Sorrento to have a late lunch. I didn’t know much about the town; I only had seen photos of it from a travel blog so we just walked around, got lunch at a small restaurant down one of the city’s small streets and enjoyed the gorgeous ocean views. We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and got some true Napoli pizza for dinner (the best pizza I have ever had!) from a tiny pizza restaurant a few minutes walk from the Naples train station.


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