{Rail Trail and Water Activities// Cape Cod}

One of my favorite things about our time on the Cape was spending most of our days outdoors. The weather was gorgeous, perfect for running or biking on the Cape Cod Rail Trail or hanging by the lake.
The Rail Trail is a paved trail that traces the path of a former railroad trail through 6 towns in Cape Cod. The whole trail spans 22 miles and is perfect for cyclists, runners or walkers, and is incredibly picturesque. I spent many mornings running the trails, enjoying the lake views and tranquility of the forests that I was passing.
When we weren’t on the trails, we were at the lake or the beach, laying out, paddle boarding, tubing and just enjoying the outdoors. I paddle boarded for the first time on this trip. It was such fun and a great workout!
Adam and I both kept saying how our time at the Cape felt like we were back at sleep away camp. It was fun to escape real life for a while, where the only worries were putting on sunscreen and eating enough ice cream!


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