{We’ve Moved!}

After 20+ years of living in South Florida, Adam and I are moving to Jersey City. We have found a beautiful apartment that looks onto the Hudson River, has a huge walk-in closet (priorities!), and is close to a ton of great restaurants that Adam and I are excited to try.
It will be sad to leave behind our families, so many memories and of course, the warm winter weather, but we are both excited to take this next step… not to mention how excited I am about shopping for furniture, kitchenware and housewares!


4 thoughts on “{We’ve Moved!}

  1. What a lovely view!!!! It’s always an exciting moment, still remember 7 years ago when we went to live together, was so good! I’m out of home since I’m 17, when I went to university, but it was really hard to leave my parents. Even though you know you can always visit them, you know it won’t be the same anymore. But it’s all the start of a new adventure together 🙂

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