{Greenwich Village// New York City}

I found myself in a gorgeous neighborhood called Greenwich Village yesterday… or “The Village” as the locals call it. The area is rich in history and it seems that nearly every street has a special historical significance ranging from important moments in the LGBT movement’s history, to bars/clubs where famous pop culture icons got their start, and even to the location of Monica’s apartment building from Friends!
But what I liked most about this area…I felt like I could have been walking down a street in Europe. The Village boasts brownstones and row houses (many of which had flowers on their stoops), tree-lined streets that are curved and narrow (a stark contrast to the typical New York City grid), and a quaint feel. At times, I thought to myself, “if there was only a canal in the middle, I could almost be in Amsterdam!” But the European feel doesn’t end with the residential streets. Washington Square Park, the main park in this area, has a beautiful arch that was modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. As someone who absolutely loves Europe (especially Amsterdam and Paris), I loved that The Village had a slight European feel to it!
…And if you are thinking that you have found where you are moving to tomorrow, hold on to that dream a bit longer because unfortunately the area is very expensive! Trust me, I checked.
Also, The Village is notorious for its incredible food. These are a few that are on my list to try:
Bleecker Street Pizza. They are known for their… well duh… pizza, but they aren’t just any pizza place- Food Network has named this restaurant the best pizza in the City for a number of years.
Faicco’s on Bleeker Street. Apparently they have really good rice balls.
Bantam Bagels on Bleeker Street. They make donut hole size bagels!


3 thoughts on “{Greenwich Village// New York City}

  1. I’ve just bought my tickets to visit NYC for 12 days for the first time! I will have to keep looking back on here to help me plan my itinerary. This has given me serious wanderlust though! And camera envy.

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