{Five Facts about Me}

I have recently gained some more readers so I feel that this is the perfect time to do a proper introduction so you all can learn a little bit more about me and my blog!
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Starting off with a random one… I am an incredibly good packer. I even pack my family’s suitcases when they go on trips! Part 2 to this fact: I actually really enjoy packing- it feels like a puzzle to me. I know all the folding techniques– how to properly fold a jacket, how to most easily fold a t-shirt (hmmm, this might be a good blog post one day!).
I am obsessed with the Food Network, particularly Ina Garten. I would say that her show is my guilty pleasure, but I feel no shame or guilt whatsoever in my obsession with it! I drool over her food and take notes when she does her table settings. I even traversed through Paris this summer to visit her favorite bakery, Poilane. Oh, and if you’re wondering, her recipes are as wonderful as you have imagined them to be! I one day hope to throw a dinner party as fabulous as she does and when it is over say, “how easy was that!”
Not the most original fact, but still something important about me… I love traveling (told you it wasn’t so original). I am obsessed with learning about new cultures, trying new foods, and seeing new things. It could be a new city or a new country- I just can’t get enough!
I’m an organizational freak. I can’t sleep if our apartment is a mess (and by mess I mean a few things not put away in their correct places!), have to make lists for everything, and would not make it through the week if I didn’t have my giant desk calendar. Adam is a more go with the flow type of person, so luckily he balances me out, otherwise I would be that person to have labeled her label maker!
Football and soccer are my favorite sports, but I am actually a sports fanatic. I love to be active and physical- my exercise of choice is running, but if I could, I would hike everyday!


{Central Park// New York City}

This Saturday, the skies turned bright blue, the clouds disappeared and it heated up just enough to be able to spend some time outdoors- a welcome change to the pretty miserable weather that we have been having lately full of dark skies, dropping temperatures and cold rain. Adam and I decided to go to Central Park to take advantage of the weather (because we knew it wouldn’t last!). The park was buzzing with tourists marveling at the changing leaves, college kids playing flag football, children playing tag and couples taking romantic strolls. I had never seen Central Park in the fall (I had gone last month when it was all still green), and all I can say is wow! It is beautiful!

{Snowy Activities// Toronto, Canada}

A while back, Adam and I took a quick trip to visit my family in Canada. The weather forecast- snow- and lots of it!! We had both visited the Toronto area before (me, many times before!), so we opted to do a few new activities.
We found out that every winter, the City of Toronto opens up the Natrel Rink. And wow, is this location amazing! The rink is located right along the Lake Ontario shoreline and boasts amazing views of the CN Tower in the background. Skating is free (!) and skate rentals are available at a minimal cost. It was so much fun and I just couldn’t get over how gorgeous the location was!
Next, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum (or the ROM if you want to sound like you know what you are talking about). I had researched the museum and found out that they have discounted tickets on Fridays after 4:30pm… so guess when we went!? The museum is extremely interesting and has some really amazing exhibits. Definitely a great way to spend an afternoon out of the bone chilling cold!
Of course, like any good foodie, we ate great food and quite a few of those meals were at one of my favorite spots- Nando’s! If you read about our trip to London, you will know that I absolutely love Nando’s and their peri peri chicken and fries!
We also spent a lot of our time outside… I know, crazy people! We took a few walks around some parks admiring the peaceful scenery and snow-covered trees, and of course, had a few snowball fights!

{Thinking About Sunny Days//South Florida}

The last few days have been dark, gloomy, and rainy—so naturally, I have been dreaming of the bright and sunny days that I enjoyed so much during the summer. I thought that I would share some eye candy with you from sunny South Florida to help us all get through the nearing winter!

Before Adam and I moved to New Jersey, we spent our time hanging out on the beaches of Delray Beach, walking around Miami and eating ice cream on Atlantic Avenue (from Kilwins- so good!). Looking at these photos makes me so excited to go back home in December for New Years!

{Demarest Farm and Saddle River County Park// New Jersey}

One of the things that I was most excited about when I found out that we were moving to the northeast was experiencing a real fall. Growing up in South Florida, I never really got to experience changing leaves, the need for scarves and chunky sweaters (although we would wear them anyways because… fashion), or other fall traditions.
This weekend, Adam and I rented a Zipcar and took it to Demarest Farm– about 40 minutes northwest of us. There, we took a hayride, pumpkin picked, and ate our first apple cider donuts (which were amazing!).
From the farm, we drove to Saddle River County Park, which we found on a whim, to enjoy the outdoors some more. The park was beautiful. Orange, red and yellow foliage everywhere, ducks and geese enjoying the afternoon sun, and beautiful pathways for us to walk on.