{Snowy Activities// Toronto, Canada}

A while back, Adam and I took a quick trip to visit my family in Canada. The weather forecast- snow- and lots of it!! We had both visited the Toronto area before (me, many times before!), so we opted to do a few new activities.
We found out that every winter, the City of Toronto opens up the Natrel Rink. And wow, is this location amazing! The rink is located right along the Lake Ontario shoreline and boasts amazing views of the CN Tower in the background. Skating is free (!) and skate rentals are available at a minimal cost. It was so much fun and I just couldn’t get over how gorgeous the location was!
Next, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum (or the ROM if you want to sound like you know what you are talking about). I had researched the museum and found out that they have discounted tickets on Fridays after 4:30pm… so guess when we went!? The museum is extremely interesting and has some really amazing exhibits. Definitely a great way to spend an afternoon out of the bone chilling cold!
Of course, like any good foodie, we ate great food and quite a few of those meals were at one of my favorite spots- Nando’s! If you read about our trip to London, you will know that I absolutely love Nando’s and their peri peri chicken and fries!
We also spent a lot of our time outside… I know, crazy people! We took a few walks around some parks admiring the peaceful scenery and snow-covered trees, and of course, had a few snowball fights!


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