{Five Facts about Me}

I have recently gained some more readers so I feel that this is the perfect time to do a proper introduction so you all can learn a little bit more about me and my blog!
…And if you still want more, you can follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, or ask me some questions below!

Starting off with a random one… I am an incredibly good packer. I even pack my family’s suitcases when they go on trips! Part 2 to this fact: I actually really enjoy packing- it feels like a puzzle to me. I know all the folding techniques– how to properly fold a jacket, how to most easily fold a t-shirt (hmmm, this might be a good blog post one day!).
I am obsessed with the Food Network, particularly Ina Garten. I would say that her show is my guilty pleasure, but I feel no shame or guilt whatsoever in my obsession with it! I drool over her food and take notes when she does her table settings. I even traversed through Paris this summer to visit her favorite bakery, Poilane. Oh, and if you’re wondering, her recipes are as wonderful as you have imagined them to be! I one day hope to throw a dinner party as fabulous as she does and when it is over say, “how easy was that!”
Not the most original fact, but still something important about me… I love traveling (told you it wasn’t so original). I am obsessed with learning about new cultures, trying new foods, and seeing new things. It could be a new city or a new country- I just can’t get enough!
I’m an organizational freak. I can’t sleep if our apartment is a mess (and by mess I mean a few things not put away in their correct places!), have to make lists for everything, and would not make it through the week if I didn’t have my giant desk calendar. Adam is a more go with the flow type of person, so luckily he balances me out, otherwise I would be that person to have labeled her label maker!
Football and soccer are my favorite sports, but I am actually a sports fanatic. I love to be active and physical- my exercise of choice is running, but if I could, I would hike everyday!


15 thoughts on “{Five Facts about Me}

  1. This is super cute, I love it! I find our lives are strangely connected. I live in Ontario, you have family in Ontario– You are living in New Jersey and I have Family in New Jersey! I hope you are enjoying it there 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I watch the food network while making dinner every night. I like to think that it helps inspire me to be a better chef.
      …and fresh pain au chocolat is one of the greatest breakfasts ever! We had amazing ones in Annecy, France… I could go for one right now.

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