{Thanksgiving Snaps}

Every year, we spend Thanksgiving with Adam’s side of the family in Massachusetts. This was a particularly special Thanksgiving because it was the first time that we got to see Adam’s parents and sister since we moved to New Jersey.
As per tradition, on the morning of Thanksgiving, we all suited up (in layers and layers because of…snow!) and headed to Waterman Field for our annual football game. The entire field was covered in a blanket of snow but everyone put on their game faces and played through the slipping, sliding, cold hands and wet pants!
We ate our Thanksgiving feast in the late afternoon. On the menu: turkey, stuffing (my favorite!), corn bread, mashed potatoes (Adam’s specialty, made with his gorgeous cousin Kleo), green beans, cranberry relish, gravy and rolls. I am full just thinking about all the delicious food! We all went around the table saying what we were thankful for, enjoying each other’s company and the amazing meal. When we had all come out of our food coma just enough to breathe, we indulged in chocolate chip cookies and pie (and pie and more pie!).


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