{Holidays Markets/ New York City}

I often talk about things that I was excited to experience when I found out that I was moving to the northeast, and today I am talking about Christmas markets. I had always heard about the famous New York City Christmas Markets; their warm drinks and tasty treats, the red and white tents, the Christmas decorations, gifts for purchase and the scores of people celebrating the holiday season.
This year I spent quite a bit of time exploring the markets at Union Square, Bryant Park and Columbus Circle. We tried amazing hot chocolate (so rich and sweet that we felt sick afterwards, but that’s the fun of it, right?) and did a ton of people watching while sipping some coffee in front of the ice skating rink at Bryant Park. It was so much fun to celebrate the holiday season just like the movies!
… and for those of you celebrating, Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “{Holidays Markets/ New York City}

  1. Looks lovely, especially with all those tempting sweet treats! I adore seeing cities light up for the holiday season with extravagant decorations. I’ll soon be sharing a post of how St. Louis celebrates on my blog livetheluxelife.net.

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