{Cinnamon Sugar Sticky Buns}

Breakfast in our household usually consists of bagels or cereals (or in my case, sometimes just a cup of tea), but this weekend Adam and I decided to treat ourselves to some sticky buns. I didn’t grow up eating breakfast pastries of this sort, but they are one of Adam’s favorites, and I don’t blame him! They are sweet, sticky, flaky on the outside, soft on the inside and a perfect treat for a lazy morning in front of the TV in your pajamas.

*Recipe courtesy of Queen Ina Garten


{Thanksgiving Snaps}

Every year, we spend Thanksgiving with Adam’s side of the family in Massachusetts. This was a particularly special Thanksgiving because it was the first time that we got to see Adam’s parents and sister since we moved to New Jersey.
As per tradition, on the morning of Thanksgiving, we all suited up (in layers and layers because of…snow!) and headed to Waterman Field for our annual football game. The entire field was covered in a blanket of snow but everyone put on their game faces and played through the slipping, sliding, cold hands and wet pants!
We ate our Thanksgiving feast in the late afternoon. On the menu: turkey, stuffing (my favorite!), corn bread, mashed potatoes (Adam’s specialty, made with his gorgeous cousin Kleo), green beans, cranberry relish, gravy and rolls. I am full just thinking about all the delicious food! We all went around the table saying what we were thankful for, enjoying each other’s company and the amazing meal. When we had all come out of our food coma just enough to breathe, we indulged in chocolate chip cookies and pie (and pie and more pie!).

{Snowy Activities// Toronto, Canada}

A while back, Adam and I took a quick trip to visit my family in Canada. The weather forecast- snow- and lots of it!! We had both visited the Toronto area before (me, many times before!), so we opted to do a few new activities.
We found out that every winter, the City of Toronto opens up the Natrel Rink. And wow, is this location amazing! The rink is located right along the Lake Ontario shoreline and boasts amazing views of the CN Tower in the background. Skating is free (!) and skate rentals are available at a minimal cost. It was so much fun and I just couldn’t get over how gorgeous the location was!
Next, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum (or the ROM if you want to sound like you know what you are talking about). I had researched the museum and found out that they have discounted tickets on Fridays after 4:30pm… so guess when we went!? The museum is extremely interesting and has some really amazing exhibits. Definitely a great way to spend an afternoon out of the bone chilling cold!
Of course, like any good foodie, we ate great food and quite a few of those meals were at one of my favorite spots- Nando’s! If you read about our trip to London, you will know that I absolutely love Nando’s and their peri peri chicken and fries!
We also spent a lot of our time outside… I know, crazy people! We took a few walks around some parks admiring the peaceful scenery and snow-covered trees, and of course, had a few snowball fights!

{Thinking About Sunny Days//South Florida}

The last few days have been dark, gloomy, and rainy—so naturally, I have been dreaming of the bright and sunny days that I enjoyed so much during the summer. I thought that I would share some eye candy with you from sunny South Florida to help us all get through the nearing winter!

Before Adam and I moved to New Jersey, we spent our time hanging out on the beaches of Delray Beach, walking around Miami and eating ice cream on Atlantic Avenue (from Kilwins- so good!). Looking at these photos makes me so excited to go back home in December for New Years!

{Weekend Snaps}

After a pretty hectic week, I was really looking forward to a slow weekend at home. And that’s just what I got!
Some time in the sun at Newport Green Park (and its little beach!).
A tour of the New York Red Bulls soccer stadium.
Good food at Taqueria– their cactus tacos are amazing!
And walks on the boardwalk along the Hudson River.
After such a nice weekend, I feel ready to take on what the week has in store!

{Date Night: The High Line and Chelsea Market}

Most nights Adam and I eat dinner at home, but last night we decided to treat ourselves to a date night in the city. We started off with a walk on The High Line, a park/walkway built on an old New York railroad. The area is quiet, peaceful, architecturally interesting and a really fun place to walk or sit and relax.
When we got hungry, we headed to Chelsea Market, an indoor food hall. Adam spotted a Korean Ramen restaurant and suggested we eat there. I had never had Ramen before, but Adam really likes it so I decided to give it a try. I got a vegan ramen and Adam got the classic. Our dishes came in giant bowls filled to the top with soup, noodles, vegetables and our proteins (mine had tofu, his had meat). I would definitely not suggest getting Ramen on a first date- slurping, noodles hanging out of your mouth, fiddling with chopsticks in one hand and a spoon in the other- it is so much fun but in no way attractive!
We ended the night with a cup of gelato (not as good as Italian gelato, of course!) and headed back home. Even though every meal with Adam can be considered a date, it is still special when we make plans to do something out of the ordinary together.

{Greenwich Village// New York City}

I found myself in a gorgeous neighborhood called Greenwich Village yesterday… or “The Village” as the locals call it. The area is rich in history and it seems that nearly every street has a special historical significance ranging from important moments in the LGBT movement’s history, to bars/clubs where famous pop culture icons got their start, and even to the location of Monica’s apartment building from Friends!
But what I liked most about this area…I felt like I could have been walking down a street in Europe. The Village boasts brownstones and row houses (many of which had flowers on their stoops), tree-lined streets that are curved and narrow (a stark contrast to the typical New York City grid), and a quaint feel. At times, I thought to myself, “if there was only a canal in the middle, I could almost be in Amsterdam!” But the European feel doesn’t end with the residential streets. Washington Square Park, the main park in this area, has a beautiful arch that was modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. As someone who absolutely loves Europe (especially Amsterdam and Paris), I loved that The Village had a slight European feel to it!
…And if you are thinking that you have found where you are moving to tomorrow, hold on to that dream a bit longer because unfortunately the area is very expensive! Trust me, I checked.
Also, The Village is notorious for its incredible food. These are a few that are on my list to try:
Bleecker Street Pizza. They are known for their… well duh… pizza, but they aren’t just any pizza place- Food Network has named this restaurant the best pizza in the City for a number of years.
Faicco’s on Bleeker Street. Apparently they have really good rice balls.
Bantam Bagels on Bleeker Street. They make donut hole size bagels!