{A Perfect Day in Paris}

Today I fell in love with Paris… or rather, Eiffel in love with Paris (too much? I cant help it!). We started the day with a tour of the city. We walked along the gorgeous streets lined with trees and cream buildings. We saw the Notre Dame and then the Palais Justice where Marie Antionette was imprisoned. Next, we made our way to the Lovelock Bridge, where Adam and I added our own lock that we had brought from home. A quick note about this bridge: Every 6 months or so, the city of Paris removes all the locks because the bridge becomes too heavy, but it is still such fun to partake in this beautiful tradition (Plus, the views of the Siene from the bridge are gorgeous). Next up were the Tuilerie Gardens where scores of people sat around the fountains enjoying the sun and beautiful weather. Adam and I partook in this Parisian pastime and sat around one of the fountains to enjoy some downtime in our busy day.
For lunch, we stopped at a small café. Adam had steak and I had onion soup (better known in the US at French onion soup). It was amazing and totally different to the soup that I am used to. For dessert, we stopped at the famous pastry shop, Laduree, and picked up chocolate and vanilla macarons. The whole Laduree experience was so luxurious- the shop was full of bright colors and beautifully crafted desserts, and the macarons were perfectly sweet and rich.
After we enjoyed our fancy desserts, we headed to Montmarte to see the views of the city (Beware of opting for the stairs when you get off at the Montmarte stop in the metro – we made this mistake and it was a hefty climb to the exit! Take the elevator instead). After we explored this area, we metroed to a beautiful park called Parc des Buttes – Chaumont where we were joined by many Parisians taking their afternoon runs. After quite some time exploring, climbing up and down hills, crossing streams and even finding a grotto, Adam and I began to feel hungry. We decided to visit Polaine, which is Ina Garten’s favorite bakery (which she talks about on her show!) to pick up some bread for a late afternoon snack. As a huge Ina Garten fan, this was such an exciting moment for me. The bakery was packed with French women picking up fresh baked bread for dinner and it was such fun to experience true Parisian life (away from all of the tourists). At this point, we decided to turn our snack into a picnic along the Siene, so in addition to the bread that we purchased from Polaine, we also found a small cheese shop where we picked up some Brie before finding our spot right next to the Museum d’Orsay along the water. This was my favorite moment of our day in Paris- the food was delicious (Ina, you know your bread!), scenery gorgeous and company amazing. It was great to just experience Paris (almost) like a Parisian.
As a perfect end to our perfect day in Paris, we watched the Eiffel Tower light show after dark (and had a baguette sword fight). Paris is magical and I am going to be dreaming about our few days here for many nights to come.


{Mona Lisa and the Louvre: Paris}

Of course one of the things on our list to see while in Paris was the the Louvre (and the Mona Lisa). Adam and I bought our tickets for the Louvre before we left for Europe and what a difference did that make! We were in the door within one minute (actually!), while the regular line was at least 2 hours. So if you ever find yourself in Paris, do yourself a favor and buy your tickets to The Louvre beforehand, you won’t regret it!
The Louvre itself is gorgeous. Most people can identify the museum by its glass pyramids, but it is actually housed in the surrounding castle. Once we entered the museum, we made our way to the Mona Lisa (and it is a very long way). The room where she hangs is full of people jostling and pushing to get to the front in order to capture the perfect picture. Adam and I managed to squirm our way front and center (without much trouble) and found a nice man to take our photo. After we did that, we took out our museum map and began searching for pieces of art that we recognized. Along the way, we took silly pictures with some statues, admired the gorgeous ceilings, and found Hammurabi’s Code and the famous statue of Aphrodite. In the 3 hours that we were there, we barely managed to scratch the surface of what the Louvre has to offer. My suggestion for future first-time Louvre goers, don’t attempt to see everything in one visit because it is not only impossible, but it will hinder your ability to appreciate the masterpieces that are right in front of your eyes. Pick a few highlights to visit and otherwise just wander and marvel.