{Salzburg//Sound of Music and a Beer Garden}

OK, I have a confession… I am a huge Sound of Music fan. Songs- I know them. Names of the Von Trapp Family children- Know them too. Something that I didn’t know until planning our Europe trip- A lot of filming for the movie was done in Salzburg. And when I found out, I knew we had to go!
We visited places like the Mirabell Gardens where they filmed Do-Re-Mi (The gardens are actually stunning, full of richly colored flowers and perfectly manicured, forming intricate designs throughout the whole space). I reenacted the scenes where Maria and the children climb the stairs while singing, dance along the fountain and bike through the tunnel covered in greenery. We also went to St. Peter’s Cemetery and Residenz Square where other scenes were filmed. It was such fun actually being where one of my favorite movies was made!
After hours of me nerding out on Sound of Music, Adam and I decided to go to a Beer Garden called Augustiner Bräu. It was 3:30pm on a Wednesday afternoon and the area was packed with Austrians enjoying an afternoon break. The whole concept was such fun and totally novel to me- you pay for the size of beer you want, pick your mug off the wall, wash it and hand it to the bartender who fills up the beer and practically throws it back at you. There were also vendors selling a variety of traditional Austrian meals. We drank our beer (well, Adam did- I had about three sips) and just relaxed in the tree-covered garden.


{Old Town Salzburg}

Our first taste of Austria is the beautiful city of Salzburg. We have spent most of our time in the Old Town. The area is pedestrian only, very clean and not very large (perfect for walking!). It boasts gorgeous architecture, amazing mountain and river views, and a slow paced and quiet demeanor. Today, Adam and I took our time leisurely strolling through its streets as we window-shopped and ate (pretzel baguette, need I say more?).
At the center of town is Residenzplatz (or Residence Square). Here, we enjoyed the beautiful fountain located in the square and listened to the Glockenspiel play (We were there at 6pm to listen, but I think it also plays at 7pm and 11pm). We also visited Mozartplatz (right next to Residenceplatz), which is a square that features a statue of…you guessed it… Mozart!
It was still bright outside, so we decided to listen to a Rick Steve’s walking tour of Salzburg and did that until we were hungry for dinner. We visited beautiful churches and cathedrals, squares, a horse washing station (yes!), a water wheel, and Mozart’s front door. We ended on the Getreidegasse, a charming street filled with shops, passageways and unique signs (Even the McDonald’s has an ornate iron sign outside of its store front!).