{Holidays Markets/ New York City}

I often talk about things that I was excited to experience when I found out that I was moving to the northeast, and today I am talking about Christmas markets. I had always heard about the famous New York City Christmas Markets; their warm drinks and tasty treats, the red and white tents, the Christmas decorations, gifts for purchase and the scores of people celebrating the holiday season.
This year I spent quite a bit of time exploring the markets at Union Square, Bryant Park and Columbus Circle. We tried amazing hot chocolate (so rich and sweet that we felt sick afterwards, but that’s the fun of it, right?) and did a ton of people watching while sipping some coffee in front of the ice skating rink at Bryant Park. It was so much fun to celebrate the holiday season just like the movies!
… and for those of you celebrating, Merry Christmas!


{Christmas Decorations/ New York City}

It’s no secret that Christmas is right around the corner and here in the NYC area, the celebration has already started. From the Christmas windows, to festive decorations and of course, the tree in Rockefeller Center, New York City has not lost its love for the holidays. Every street is full of wreaths, lights, Christmas trees and extravagance!
Checking out the holiday windows has become one of my favorite activities lately. Of course, the Saks Fifth Avenue windows are gorgeous, decorated to depict various fairy-tales as if they occurred in the city. Imagine Snow White as if it occurred on Broadway during an interaction with a street vendor, or Cinderella’s lost slipper actually being designer… New York City whimsy at its finest! Macy’s in Herald Square created their windows to show what Christmas on each of the planets in our solar system looks like. They are so cute, amazing and sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
But the holiday decorations don’t stop with NYC’s iconic window displays. Many stores have decorated the outside or the inside of their buildings- my favorite being Ferragamo with their incredible light display. Some streets are dotted with Christmas trees big and small, and many parks are also donning their own trees complete with lights!
And of course, how can anyone forget… Rockefeller Center definitely does not disappoint. The giant, magnificent tree towers over the square full of children skating in the center’s ice rink, tall nutcracker statues and beautiful white angels that line the pavement.
New York City during the holidays is certainly a magnificent place to be. If you haven’t been before, I definitely suggest it! It completely captures the magic of the holidays. For those of you who have been to NYC during the holidays, what has been your favorite memory or holiday site?

{Thanksgiving Snaps Part II}

As I mentioned Tuesday, we spend Thanksgiving with Adam’s side of the family. We all have the best time together and look forward to the activities and traditions that we partake in every year (like Thanksgiving Day football, competitive games of Ticket-to-Ride, Saturday morning chocolate-chip pancakes, and trips to the movies). As an added bonus this year, we also attended a Boston University hockey game where we sat in the front row! We ate many delicious meals, enjoyed Moscow Mules (for adults) and hot chocolate (for non-adults), and went shopping on Black Friday.

*The Ticket-to-Ride link is an affiliate link. But it is truly one of our our favorite games, and a great gift for the holidays!

{Thanksgiving Snaps}

Every year, we spend Thanksgiving with Adam’s side of the family in Massachusetts. This was a particularly special Thanksgiving because it was the first time that we got to see Adam’s parents and sister since we moved to New Jersey.
As per tradition, on the morning of Thanksgiving, we all suited up (in layers and layers because of…snow!) and headed to Waterman Field for our annual football game. The entire field was covered in a blanket of snow but everyone put on their game faces and played through the slipping, sliding, cold hands and wet pants!
We ate our Thanksgiving feast in the late afternoon. On the menu: turkey, stuffing (my favorite!), corn bread, mashed potatoes (Adam’s specialty, made with his gorgeous cousin Kleo), green beans, cranberry relish, gravy and rolls. I am full just thinking about all the delicious food! We all went around the table saying what we were thankful for, enjoying each other’s company and the amazing meal. When we had all come out of our food coma just enough to breathe, we indulged in chocolate chip cookies and pie (and pie and more pie!).

{Central Park// New York City}

This Saturday, the skies turned bright blue, the clouds disappeared and it heated up just enough to be able to spend some time outdoors- a welcome change to the pretty miserable weather that we have been having lately full of dark skies, dropping temperatures and cold rain. Adam and I decided to go to Central Park to take advantage of the weather (because we knew it wouldn’t last!). The park was buzzing with tourists marveling at the changing leaves, college kids playing flag football, children playing tag and couples taking romantic strolls. I had never seen Central Park in the fall (I had gone last month when it was all still green), and all I can say is wow! It is beautiful!

{Thinking About Sunny Days//South Florida}

The last few days have been dark, gloomy, and rainy—so naturally, I have been dreaming of the bright and sunny days that I enjoyed so much during the summer. I thought that I would share some eye candy with you from sunny South Florida to help us all get through the nearing winter!

Before Adam and I moved to New Jersey, we spent our time hanging out on the beaches of Delray Beach, walking around Miami and eating ice cream on Atlantic Avenue (from Kilwins- so good!). Looking at these photos makes me so excited to go back home in December for New Years!

{Demarest Farm and Saddle River County Park// New Jersey}

One of the things that I was most excited about when I found out that we were moving to the northeast was experiencing a real fall. Growing up in South Florida, I never really got to experience changing leaves, the need for scarves and chunky sweaters (although we would wear them anyways because… fashion), or other fall traditions.
This weekend, Adam and I rented a Zipcar and took it to Demarest Farm– about 40 minutes northwest of us. There, we took a hayride, pumpkin picked, and ate our first apple cider donuts (which were amazing!).
From the farm, we drove to Saddle River County Park, which we found on a whim, to enjoy the outdoors some more. The park was beautiful. Orange, red and yellow foliage everywhere, ducks and geese enjoying the afternoon sun, and beautiful pathways for us to walk on.